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Nationals after Bradley?

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While some outlets have painted Milton Bradley to the Cubs as inevitable, the Washington Nationals are apparently still in on him:

According to a baseball source, Washington has serious interest in free-agent outfielder Milton Bradley.

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Bradley's presence could offset the overload of right-hand hitters in the Nationals lineup. He also would play center field.

Milton in center field?  That would be...interesting, given how he looked in the outfield this past season.  And an outfield with Bradley in center and Wily Mo Pena in right would seem to cause Nats pitchers some nightmares.

Anyway, Washington has seemed intent on making a splash with a big bat, and after losing out on Mark Teixeira, they might be the team to moneywhip Bradley with a big, multi-year deal.

If they could add Bradley to Pena, Austin Kearns, and Nick Johnson, they'd definitely keep the trainers busy.