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Michael Young reportedly demands to be traded

From Ken Rosenthal:

Rangers shortstop Michael Young asked to be traded after team officials told him in December that they want him to move to third base, according to major-league sources.

Young, 32, does not want to change positions. He was "absolutely livid" with the Rangers for making such a request just months after American League managers and coaches voted him a Gold Glove for the first time, one source said.

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and manager Ron Washington informed Young shortly after the winter meetings that the team wanted him to play third to clear a spot for top shortstop prospect Elvis Andrus, 20. Club president Nolan Ryan did not attend the meeting.

* * *

[Young] would rather be traded than displaced for Andrus, who has yet to play above Class AA, sources said.

Young's agent, Dan Lozano, declined comment.

"The basic feeling was, let's get all of our championship-caliber players on the field at the same time," Daniels said. "We know Michael is one of them. We believe Elvis will be one of them. What is the best way?

"The decision was made that what fits best is if Michael is willing to move to third base. It really comes down to what is best for the team.

"I have tremendous respect for Michael, the work he puts in, what he's accomplished. Part of our (contractual) commitment to him is because of his leadership and the team-first player he is. Hopefully his willingness to make that transition would send a positive message to the rest of our organization."

But Young is opposed to the move.

* * *

The Rangers would seek a young third baseman in any trade for Young, sources said, creating the possibility of a deal with the White Sox, who could offer Josh Fields, or the Angels, who could offer Brandon Wood. The Mets and Dodgers also have expressed interest in Young this off-season.


I don't even know what to say about this.  It will be interesting to see what the D/FW media reaction is.


T.R. Sullivan has a little bit about it as well:

The Rangers have asked Michael Young to move to third base to make room for Elvis Andrus. Young has been adamantly opposed to such a move and the Rangers may explore the possibility of a trade.

Jeff Wilson says a conference call with Daniels is pending.


More from T.R.:

The Rangers have asked Michael Young to move to third base. Young has asked the Rangers to explore a trade.

The Rangers want Young to play third base so they can use rookie Elvis Andrus at shortstop. The Rangers are reluctant to use Travis Metcalf at third base.


More from Jeff Wilson:

Young’s outlook hasn’t changed, and Daniels said he has spoken with clubs about a trade. Spring training is approaching quickly — position players report Feb. 19 ­— and the prevailing hope is that Young will agree to the move before full-squad workouts begin.

“I wouldn’t use the term demanded, but he has asked us to explore trade possibilities,” Daniels said. “I realize we’ve asked him to make a move that he was not, in his own mind, planning to make at this point. I’m respectful of that.

“He’s always done what’s been in the best interest of the club and hope that he continues to do so.”