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Nolan Speaks on MY

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The DMN article now up includes quotes from Nolan Ryan, along with Daniels quotes:

Rangers president Nolan Ryan said he talked with Young on Friday. He added that the club had been discussing the move for "some period of time" and not just this off-season. Ryan said Young has not been given adeadline or ultimatum.

"If he's not comfortable with it, then I don't think it would work for us," Ryan said. "So I think it's too premature to make any type of prediction about how this is going to play out and what the lineup is going to look like coming out of spring training.

"I think what was important was to present it to him and see how he felt about it and see what his reaction was and give him time to give it some thought and see if it's something he can be comfortable with or if it was something he was totally opposed to."

Ryan said he thinks the club will have a better understanding of how things will play out in the next few weeks.

"He deserves some time to think about it," Ryan said. "If somebody had asked me to go to the bullpen instead of starting, I'd have to give that a lot of thought."

Daniels said he understood the irony of asking Young to switch positions just after the 32-year-old won a Gold Glove as shortstop. But Daniels and Ryan feel Andrus, who batted .295 with four homers, 65 RBIs, 54 stolen bases for Double-A Frisco last season, is ready for a shot at the everyday lineup. He committed 32 errors.

Interesting that the news leaked after Young spoke with Nolan.  Increases my suspicion that the story was leaked by Young's camp, after what appears to be Nolan backing the decision for Young to move.

With no Nolan quotes, and with the story being that Daniels and Ron Washington had met with Young, I was wondering if there was going to be some stories about how this was being done without Nolan's involvement.

Doesn't appear that's the case.