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Michael Young quotes -- he's not happy

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Richard Durrett with some Michael Young quotes:

"I'm not playing third base. I'm pretty adamant about my stance. I told them I wanted to be traded. The biggest misconception is that I was asked to move to third base. I was never asked. I was flat-out told. I was told I was playing third base. I felt that I had absolutely no say. I don't feel like there was any discussion or dialogue about the matter."

"At this point in my career, I didn't think it was fair to move. I reached out to teammates and former teammates and veterans to get their thoughts and everyone supported me. All I've ever done is think about the team and do what's best by them. But at the same time, when it comes to long-term commitment and respect factor, it should be a two-way street."

"I think that I've always been committed to this organization. I signed here. I wanted to stay here. I've been big on loyalty and mutual respect. But sometimes you have to worry about a message that might be sent about the organization and players. What does it say about the organization when you get to a point that no matter what you do, we'll snatch your job away no matter what happens. That's what happened."

Durrett also says Young has provided the Rangers with a list of teams he'll accept a trade to.

Given these comments, I think the Rubicon has been crossed.  Michael Young will not be playing for the Rangers in 2009.  He'll be traded, probably before the week is up.