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Monday a.m. things

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So, yeah, so much for there not being any news out there on the Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan's most updated story says that the possibility of Michael Young changing his mind and agreeing to play third base is not a "strong possibility" at this point.  It also has Young saying his complaint was that he was not asked to move, he was told to move, which seems to me to be an odd thing to get hung up on.

Mike Hindman offers his thoughts on the situation.  He's pretty clearly disappointed in Young.

Buster Olney offers his thoughts this morning at

Michael Young told the Rangers he'd like to be traded, rather than play third base. This will put GM Jon Daniels in a very tough spot: Young will be extraordinarily difficult to trade because his salary is so high -- he is set to make $16 million for each of the next five seasons -- and he's 32 years old, and he's not a power hitter, and some advance scouts just don't think he can play shortstop any more. At a time in which teams have been hanging onto their cash, Young is probably as close to being untradeable as anyone in the game, unless the Rangers eat a huge chunk of the contract in the way they ate almost 40 percent of A-Rod's contract to move him.

Earlier in the offseason, before any of this position-change stuff came up, I spoke with several general managers who said they would have no interest in Young because of his contract. "Nice player, awful contract," said one.