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Tuesday morning stuff

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Once again, it is all Michael Young talk today...

Tim Cowlishaw says the solution to the problem is to move Young to second base and Ian Kinsler to left field, because otherwise, you'll have a bad defensive third baseman (because Young won't be able to adjust to the position right away), a bad defensive shortstop (because Elvis Andrus makes lots of errors), and a bad defensive second baseman.

I don't think that is the right idea, for a variety of reasons, but will reiterate that if you do think Young needs to move back to second base, then the Rangers should trade Kinsler for pitching help rather than move him to left field.  I suspect, given his age, his contract status, and his ability, he'd help you land a solid major league starting pitcher, and that would return more value than he would have in left field.

Meanwhile, Jim Reeves takes Jon Daniels to task for hurting Young's feelings, and says that the Rangers should have approached it this way:

Daniels told one reporter that he didn’t "sugar coat" the proposal.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

With Young, that’s exactly how you do it.

There’s only one way Daniels and the Rangers could approach Young if they had come to the conclusion that the team would be better if he moved to third and Andrus played short.

On their knees. Groveling. Begging. Pleading.

You ask Michael Young if he’d move for the sake of the team. You don’t tell him he’s moving. And if you ask and he says no, you move on to Plan B.

Instead, according to Young, he was given an edict.

"It wasn’t a request," Young said. "It was them telling me what was going to happen."

That’s just wrong.

I don't understand the notion that it is Young's decision what position he'll play, rather than the manager's decision.

Also of interest is Reeves saying that Nolan Ryan has offered to let Young move back to second base and have Ian Kinsler switch to third base, something that I think would be a mistake because I don't think Kinsler necessarily has the arm strength to play third base, and I think Young's lack of range would be about as big a problem at second as it is at shorstop.

Still, if Ryan did that, then it wouldn't surprise me if that was the situation we saw play out in spring training, even though it isn't the ideal solution.

Jeff Wilson runs down a list of possible trade partners for the Rangers who could potentially swing a deal for Young. 

Wilson also quotes Daniels as saying that the list of teams Young has said he'd accept a trade to can be counted on one hand, so I don't know how serious Young is about wanting to be traded.

Richard Durrett says that the Rangers believe Elvis Andrus is ready for the majors.