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Barry Bonds -- Not a Cheater?

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You know how Barry Bonds is supposedly an admitted cheater because he said he used "the Clear" and "the Cream"?

Well, when he was supposedly using them, they apparently weren't illegal:

Taking the Clear – the star drug of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative – was not a crime, according to expert testimony included in grand jury documents.

Not only was the performance-enhancing drug tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) not specifically banned when athletes squirted “The Clear” under their tongues to gain an edge, the testimony also indicates that the drug wasn’t categorized by the Justice Department as a steroid until January 2005, long after the drug laboratory had been shuttered.

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The Cream, another creation of BALCO founder Victor Conte, was a 10 percent testosterone cream mixed with the masking agent epitestosterone. The drug was not meant to be anabolic, but to disguise the effect of anabolic drugs like the Clear from testers.

The story itself isn't exactly crystal clear, but it certain appears to be saying that what Bonds has admitted using wasn't illegal or banned by MLB.