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Subtle internecine sniping at the S-T?

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Maybe I'm reading too much into this...but...

We all know what Jim Reeves and Randy Galloway, over at the S-T, have had to say on this Michael Young thing.  The Rangers screwed it up, Nolan Ryan had to step in and save the day after Jon Daniels fumbled it, Michael Young should get to play whatever position he wants and only the idiot from (ahem) Colgate doesn't know that, and those who are defending management (according to Reeves, as of yesterday) haven't talked to Young and don't know what they are talking about.

Here's Gil LeBreton from (I think) Saturday's edition of the S-T:

Rather than take Daniels to the woodshed, as some in the media want you to believe, Ryan joined the general manager in a telephone conference call Thursday night, after Michael Young’s announcement that he had agreed to move to third base.

* * *

Reading Young’s words Thursday, it’s doubtful whether any degree of begging or sugar-coating was going to induce the team captain to readily embrace the position switch.

Ryan figured that breaking the news to Michael before Christmas was the proper way to go. Young, meanwhile, apparently was thinking that a better time might be 2011 or 2012.

* * *

Thus, it was the timing of the move that irked Young, not the insensitive manner in which Daniels allegedly presented it.

That is not an insignificant difference. But some in the media had already chalked it up as "another Daniels mistake."

To some, it seems, Daniels will always be the Ivy League kid who was handed the Rangers’ GM job. He’s the guy who traded away Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez and John Danks and who bartered Alfonso Soriano for a bag of beans.

* * *

Curiously, some of the same people who are criticizing Daniels for not being respectful of Young were chiding him three years ago for not forcing Soriano to switch positions.

The strained few days with Young this week are not a reflection, Ryan said, of a deteriorating relationship with Daniels.

"I wouldn’t view it that way at all," Ryan said of the media depiction. "In fact, our relationship has grown over the past year. I would have to say it’s much stronger today than it was six months ago.

"I feel good about it."

Owner Tom Hicks, Ryan and Daniels are united as the Rangers peer toward a bright tomorrow. I know this because I asked all three of them.

"Our relationship is extremely strong," Ryan said of his GM. "We visit on a daily basis.

"I couldn’t be happier with the way the relationship has grown."

Don’t let some media fairytale, therefore, make you think otherwise.

Seeing LeBreton go out of his way to take shots at the members of the local media who have been spinning this a certain way is definitely eyebrow-raising.

But you know, this story pretty quickly went, in my mind, from being about Young switching to third base to being about the local press and their coverage of the Rangers -- the front office, in particular.

It is good to see at least one member of the local press acknowledge that, and acknowledge how poorly some of his colleagues have been addressing this story.