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Rangers pursuing Omar Vizquel

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Per T.R. Sullivan, the Rangers are reportedly after Omar Vizquel as a potential shortstop option, in case Elvis Andrus proves not to be ready.

Sullivan's article includes a note that a "source said there is a good chance the deal will get done."

I like this.  Vizquel can't hit, but he's still a terrific glove man, and gives you a cheap insurance policy so that if you decide that Elvis could you another couple of months in the minors (which, fwiw, would be my preference anyway), you've got someone in place. 

And Vizquel, as a well-respected veteran, is probably going to be more acceptable to Michael Young than, say, Matt Kata or someone like that would be, should the Rangers decide to keep Andrus in the minors for a month or two.  If Andrus doesn't start the season with the Rangers -- and personally, I'd guess he won't, if they bring Vizquel in -- it is going to be hard to claim that, well, Young should move back to shortstop and bump Vizquel.

He'd be a perfect stopgap measure, and a guy who could work with Elvis in spring training.