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Saturday a.m. things

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Richard Durrett has an article up saying that infield experience will be an issue for the Rangers next year, since Ian Kinsler is the only expected starter who has started a half-season's worth of games in the majors at his position.

Of course, everyone except Michael Young has a pretty substantial amount of experience at his respective position...Chris Davis and Elvis Andrus just haven't spent much time in the majors.

Sean McAdam has an article up about Boston owner John Henry meeting with Jason Varitek, and mentions (once again) that the BoSox want Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but aren't going to deal Clay Buchholz to get him.

Richie Whitt compares the Rangers having the #1 farm system in baseball (according to BA) to the Cowboys celebrating a decent practice squad.  Because, yeah, that's the same thing.