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BP Q&A with Wes Littleton

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BP has a Q&A up with longtime LSB fave Wes Littleton, who, as we all know, was shipped out to Boston earlier this offseason for Beau Vaughan.

A couple of excerpts:

DL: What is the story behind your arm angle?

WL: Two and a half, maybe three years ago, I was having a little trouble with my low arm-angle slot; I was walking a lot of people, so they said, 'let's try dropping you down.' At first they tried me with a submarine delivery, and it worked out for a little bit, but I couldn't quite feel the right release point for it so they moved to like a traditional side-arm guy. Basically, it was just another arm slot from my normal arm slot; I'm like a low three-quarter guy, and now I'm like a little below side-arm. That gives me more sink and more effectiveness against right-handers; I usually get a lot of ground balls. That's how it all happened. It was just a suggestion from the pitching coordinator in Texas, Rick Adair, who I think just went to Seattle. He's the one who made my career what it is right now. Working with him was a pleasure.

* * *

DL: What is it like pitching in Texas?

WL: It's good. The fans get into it. But it's hard too, because you have that right-center gap that blows out. I think the heat takes a big toll out there once you're into the summer. At five o'clock it's like 105 or 103, and at game time it's maybe 95 or 96. So it's a little different, but at the same time it's a good place where you can get warm quick. Overall, it's a good place, because I love their fans and I'll miss them, but coming to Boston it seems like it's crazy, so I'll love it. I'm looking forward to starting a whole new career here and turning another leaf.

Nice to see some love from Wes for the Rangers fans...