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Friday a.m. things

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Jeff Wilson has a story this morning about the Rangers signing Derrick Turnbow, Casey Daigle, and Elizardo Ramirez.  Turnbow can make, Wilson says, up to $1.5 million in 2009 if he makes the team and hits his incentives, but I know LSB folks are probably more fired up about the return of the Lizard.

The Providence Journal has a story up on Clay Buchholz, touching on the Rangers' interest in him and his place in the Boston organization.  Rangers fans may be encouraged by this nugget:

Regardless, it certainly appears that Buchholz is one of Boston’s top trade chips right now, and that he is not as untouchable as Boston brass have long said — if the right deal comes along.

In fact, Boston’s front office and manager Terry Francona have spent much of the offseason speaking about the progress Buchholz made this fall, stating repeatedly that he has worked out his issues and is ready to make an impact.

Is Buchholz really ready to win at the major-league level, or have the Red Sox been talking him up all offseason in an effort to enhance his trade value? Or is it a little of both?

 I'm still not real optimistic about the Rangers getting him in a deal for one of their catchers, though.

That's about it.  And quite honestly, I'm not expecting much more in the way of news until spring training.  I don't think that the Rangers are going to make any more major league signings, and if they do, I expect it will be a journeyman reliever (probably lefthanded) on a one year deal.  I expect this is the group we go into spring training with.