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Friday night linkalicousness

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Before I link, I just want to say, I'm fired up about having just received my "Jackie Treehorn Presents Logjammin' " t-shirt, which just arrived in the mail, and which I'm wearing right now.  My wife says she doesn't remember me ever being this excited about anything before.  I think that I'm going to wear it to this year's LSB Knox Stalk.  In fact, I think we should all don Logjammin' t-shirts to wear to Knox Stalk.

Anyway...Keith Law thinks the Indians got Mark DeRosa for cheap, giving up a future middle reliever and two arms that likely won't amount to anything for a nice, reasonable third baseman for them.

The more I think about this, the more I wonder why he's not a Ranger right now.  I wonder if the Rangers weren't interested, if they just would rather go with Travis Metcalf than pay DeRosa, if DeRosa wouldn't fit in their budget, or if the Cubs wanted more than the Rangers were willing to part with.

T.R. Sullivan had a blog post up this morning that I missed, with his Friday morning notes...

I've always liked Randy Shannon, even before he made the Cowboys as a rookie 12th round draft pick in Jimmy Johnson's first season.  I seem to recall a story about him taking Cortez Kennedy under his wing at Miami and making Kennedy train with him, helping Kennedy become a first round pick.  So it was disappointing to read this story about Shannon refusing to let a player transfer unless the player agrees not to go to any SEC school, any ACC school, or any team in Florida. 

This morning, Rob Neyer linked this story in SI back in 1981 that made Bill James famous.  Or semi-famous, anyway.  Check it out.

Jon Heyman reports that the Dodgers and Andruw Jones have agreed to re-work Jones' deal to defer about $12 million of this year's salary, apparently as a precursor to sending Jones elsewhere.

Jeff Moorad has resigned as CEO of the Arizona D-Backs, as he works on putting together a group to purchase the San Diego Padres.  The Padres are up on the market as owner John Moores goes through a contentious divorce out in California.

Buster Olney says the union expects Milton Bradley's deal with the Cubs to approach $10 million per year for three years.  Olney also has doubts about whether Bradley will stay on the field enough to make this deal worthwhile for Chicago.

John Sickels runs down the top 20 M's prospects

Bill Simmons did a mailbag column the day after Christmas that was pretty funny.  This was my favorite:

Q: I dare you to think of anything better than taking a girl home from the bar on Halloween and watching her put on her costume as she's leaving the next morning. Yeah, can't be done. Hands down the best hookup moment possible.
-- Adam V., Hibbing, Minn.

Now, I kind of wish I was single so I could go do that on Halloween this year.

And a public service announcement...if you look like you have a Middle Eastern background, when you get on a plane, don't speculate about what part of the plane it is safest to sit in.  You'll get thrown off.