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Could the Yankees be in the catcher mix?

So today, Buster Olney's ESPN blog entry leads off with five key injury situations, with one of the five being Yankee catcher Jorge Posada:

Jorge Posada, Yankees: He is coming back from shoulder surgery, and the Yankees have no idea how effective he can be as a catcher or whether he can be a full-time catcher again. If he can't catch, he will have to get the bulk of his at-bats as a designated hitter, compelling the Yankees to press for a trade of one or two veteran hitters, among Xavier Nady, Nick Swisher and Hideki Matsui. The organization has another $40 million or so invested in Posada over the next three years, so his status probably will be the Yankees' biggest concern this spring.

Rob Neyer also hits on the issue of the Yanks' catching situation today, commenting on this blog post by Steven Goldman

Goldman believes -- with reason, I think -- that the Yanks need to be looking at getting a co-catcher, rather than just a backup catcher, or someone who can apprentice with Posada for a year before stepping into the full-time job.

Goldman mentions Miguel Montero of the D-Backs as a possibility, but before the Rangers landed Jarrod Saltalamacchia in 2007, there was talk that the Yankees and Boston both coveted him.  And as Goldman acknowledges in talking about Montero, anytime the Yanks can make a move that also rooster-blocks the BoSox, it gives an extra motivation to do so.

So I have to wonder...if, in a month, when pitchers and catchers report, if Posada doesn't appear to be able to catch full-time (and there's been talk since last summer that he may not ever be able to do so again), could the Yanks get in on Salty?

Would the Yanks be interested in a Philip Hughes for Salty deal, just a year after the Johan Santana trade talks broke down over New York's reluctance to include Hughes in a deal?

With the addition of C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, the Yankees are in a position where they could afford to part with Hughes without being crippled.  And they'd shore up a position of weakness long-term with a young player they supposedly are high on.

I have to wonder if there isn't something possibly going on behind the scenes on this front...