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Wednesday a.m. stuff

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Some actual news out there today, with the Rangers pitching camp underway.

Richard Durrett says that Mike Maddux is excited about the young pitchers the Rangers have.  And Jeff Wilson says that Neftali Feliz and Derek Holland aren't feeling pressure to immediately succeed, even though he says they are the top two prospects in the system and expected to reach Texas at some point in 2009.

And T.R. Sullivan has a list of all 18 of the pitchers at the camp, with quotes from guys like Feliz and Blake Beavan.

There's more details in the DMN and S-T blogs...Durrett has blog notes on the camp here and here.  Of note is that he says Brandon McCarthy is healthy, and had to be told by Mike Maddux to dial it down a little after throwing too aggressively early.  Anthony Andro says that McCarthy has gone from 195 pounds to 220 pounds.  Not to belabor the obvious, but having a healthy McCarthy all season would be a big step towards getting the Ranger rotation back to respectability. 

Jeff Wilson has blog notes on the camp here.  He says the new seats are going to dramatically reduce the amount of foul territory in the stadium, making the park even more hitter-friendly.