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Thursday morning stuff

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So, yeah, as everyone knows, Eric Hurley is out for the year.  He had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and frayed labrum, will resume throwing in 12-16 weeks, and won't pitch again, it sounds like, until 2010.

What particularly sucks about this is that there was the idea initially that you had five guys who, if everyone was healthy, were the likely rotation guys -- Millwood, Padilla, McCarthy, Harrison, Feldman -- and then Hurley as the standby in case anyone was hurt, struggled, etc.

Now, with Hurley out of the picture, the #1 standby guy would be...Dustin Nippert, I guess?  Luis Mendoza?  Tommy Hunter?  Maybe Thomas Diamond?  Derek Holland and Neftali Feliz you figure you want to be in AAA for the first three months of the season, all of a sudden, signing someone like Jason Jennings as insurance becomes more of a priority.

Jeff Wilson mentions Kason Gabbard as a potential rotation candidate as well, although I think he's probably headed for the bullpen. 

Omar Vizquel signed a minor league deal with the Rangers.  I think everyone is aware of that, as well.

And Jason Parks has a lengthy prospect mailbag up at BBTIA.  Check it out...