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Heyman on the Rangers, arbitration, other things

Jon Heyman has a column up, in which he talks about what teams are still likely to move on some free agents.  Included in the list are the Rangers, who he mentions in connection with Ben Sheets.

Heyman also continues to insist that the Rangers were discussing Manny Ramirez earlier in the offseason, although they are now passing on him.  Heyman, of course, was peddling the "Texas is after Manny" story for a while, and was the only one running with it.  So I guess it isn't shocking that he's still claiming there was veracity to it.

Meanwhile, as everyone knows Scott Boras (who represents Manny, and who, according to Jim Reeves, approached the Rangers about Texas signing Manny this offseason and got nowhere) has got a ton of flak because his client, Jason Varitek, declined an arbitration offer from Boston which would have likely gotten him an $11 million contract for 2009.

Heyman -- described elsewhere on the interwebs as "Scott Boras's House Organ" and "Scott Boras's favorite writer" -- offers an explanation in his column about why it made sense for Varitek to decline arbitration, as the arbitration contract would not be fully guaranteed.

The rationale Heyman provides makes some sense, but it sounds more like after-the-fact Boras spinning to me than anything else.