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Bruce Jenkins scolds the Rangers

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Bruce Jenkins takes the Rangers to task for being so clueless as to want to move Michael Young to third base:

In typical Ranger form, the front office completely botched a touchy situation with shortstop Michael Young. He's one of the best, a Gold Glover last year and a five-time All-Star. You'd think the Rangers would take a long, hard look at 20-year-old prospect Elvis Andrus before making him the starting shortstop, but no, team president Nolan Ryan decided to take that gamble, and let GM Jon Daniels explain the bad news to Young.

Young said he was never asked by Daniels if he'd be willing to move to third base. "I was flat-out told I'd be playing there," he said. "I felt I had absolutely no say." Young immediately demanded a trade, the press jumped all over it, and the team had a bitter controversy well before the start of spring training.

Andrus has never played above the Double-A level. It's possible he could arrive somewhat nervously in camp, struggle in the exhibition games and show that he needs some more seasoning. That's where Vizquel, perhaps the greatest defensive shortstop of all time (even Ozzie Smith fans would admit Vizquel has the most gifted hands), comes in. The Rangers won't believe what they have in Vizquel, who so elegantly graced the Giants' infield for four seasons. He's infinitely better than Young, defensively, and even Andrus' promising glove takes a back seat to Vizquel's pure magic.

Through it all, Young can't be that thrilled. His old position is about to be shared by a totally untested kid and a 42-year-old guy probably playing his last season. Young may still want out, but with a lucrative contract running through 2013, he'll be extremely difficult to trade. Vintage Texas Rangers.

I'm not going to re-hash all the old arguments again.  And I might have saved this for a linkaliciousness post were it not for this awesome comment offered by one of Jenkins' readers:

Why can't the Giants put together a package of pitchers and Frandsen/Velez/Renteria and/or any other warm body for the Rangers' Young? The Rangers are always looking/needing starting pitchers and we have a surplus with more on the way. Put Young back at SS where he belongs and the infield is set for years with Buriss/Noonan (eventually) at 2B, and a rotation/selection of Sandoval/Guzman/Angel/Travis at the corners, with Posey eventually taking over azt Catcher for Bengie. Young would help make-up for any 3B defensive deficiency of Sandoval/Guzman (unless Renteria is used there), at least until Gillespie is ready. Please get Young; imagine how happy the pitchers would be to replace the perewnnial Gold Glove Omar with another GG in Young.

Posted By: Jaycheever | January 22 2009 at 10:27 AM


Makes you appreciate the DMN Rangers blog commenters more, doesn't it?