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Saturday a.m. stuff

So the news today is still Ben Sheets related. 

Jennifer Floyd Engel says the Rangers need to sign Sheets.  She also says an announcement on a deal could come as soon as Monday...but then, she also says that Nolan Ryan makes all the decision for the Rangers now, so who knows how accurate what she says is.

Jeff Wilson, though, also says a deal could be reached by early next week:

It could be a busy weekend for Hicks, Ryan and general manager Jon Daniels, and an agreement could be reached by early next week. The right deal would be no longer than two years and worth no more than $16 million guaranteed, but it could escalate based on performance incentives.

"If your guarantee doesn’t have to be to the level where you felt like you had too much exposure, and you were able to build in a structure that he would be paid on the level that he pitched to, I think that would be the proper approach," Ryan said Friday.

Anthony Andro has a write-up of the Awards Dinner from last night.

And Mike Hindman has a blog post up about what has to happen for the #1 farm system to turn into a winning major league team.