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Sunday a.m. things

The pursuit of Ben Sheets continues to be the leading story in the Rangers news right now.

Gil LeBreton says that there are questions about Sheets' health, but at the end of the day, what Sheets can do when he's healthy, the fact that he'd be the best pitcher the Rangers have had in over a decade, makes the possible reward worth the risk.

Jeff Wilson says concerns about Sheets' elbow makes it less likely that a deal will get done by Monday, if at all.  Much of the front office, including Jon Daniels, will be heading for San Pedro de Macoris on Tuesday, which means if a deal isn't done by Monday, a deal probably wouldn't be done until the following week.

Wilson also has a brief Q&A with Michael Young, who makes it clear he still isn't happy about switching positions.

Jim Reeves' notes column includes some discussion about Omar Vizquel's role with the Rangers, which appears to be visualized as a true infield utilityman.

Randy Galloway has a column about how all the local teams have insurmountable problems right now, and says as an aside that Daniels gets a free ride from the local media, but that could be jeopardized if Daniels keeps letting Ken Rosenthal, instead of the local media, break stories.

Daniels and Young talked again this week, so the "Young isn't speaking to the g.m." story can be put to bed, I guess.

Kevin Sherrington says the back end of the Ranger rotation will be Harrison, Feldman and Nippert, because Brandon McCarthy can't stay healthy.

Peter Gammons has some Rangers notes up:

Even Rangers team president Nolan Ryan was blown away by 20-year-old right-hander Neftali Perez in the Rangers' pitching camp this week. "When Nolan is blown away by arm speed," said Rangers general manager Jon Daniels, "we may be on to something."

Other good news in Texas: Brandon McCarthy has added 20-25 pounds this winter, which should help his durability. Putting Elvis Andrus and Michael Young together on the left side of the infield is a start toward rebuilding a defense that led the majors in errors (132) last season, and if by Labor Day Chris Davis, Justin Smoak and Julio Borbon are all in the lineup, the light will be at the end of the tunnel for the Rangers.

A story out of Boston says the BoSox have made a formal offer to Jason Varitek, although that isn't expected to impact their interest in trading for a young catcher.