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Sunday night linkaliciousness

Richard Justice says that Ben Sheets is going to either make a g.m. look like a genius (by providing ace-level performance for much less than ace salary) or like an idiot (by getting hurt).  The whole Sheets saga has really been pretty fascinating.  And I'm continuing to hope that Sheets ends up here.

Keith Law id's a player on each team that could crack the top 100 prospect list next season, with Wilfredo Boscan being listed for Texas (with a mention also of Kasey Kiker).  I continue to find it interesting that Boscan has seemingly slid under the radar, despite his combination of an incredible K/BB rate and an incredible groundball rate while facing competition that is generally several years older than him.  How Boscan does in Hickory next year is definitely going to be something to watch...

John Perrotto has this note up at BP:

The Athletics plan to go with Justin Duchscherer, Sean Gallagher, Dana Eveland, and Dallas Braden as their top four starters.

That should give at least a slight pause to those folks who are wanting to say that the Rangers should be expected to finish behind Oakland this year.

If there's anyone who wants more Michael Young moving to 3B/complaining about the move talk, there's a lengthy thread on the subject at BTF, including Dan Szymborski weighing in with some very critical comments.