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In an article analyzing where Manny Ramirez might end up:

• Texas Rangers: Owner Tom Hicks has demonstrated a willingness to spend money on Boras clients before (see Rodriguez, Alex), and Ramirez would look good in the Texas outfield.  Everyone knows that the Rangers primary need is pitching, and they would probably be better off dealing for an ace or signing someone like Ben Sheets.  However, if the Rangers front office decides to put all their chips on offense, Ramirez could wind up in Texas.


First, the ARod signing was 8 years ago.  Yes, 8 years ago.  Johnny Oates was still the Rangers manager, and the Ranger rotation included Rick Helling, Doug Davis, and Darren Oliver. 

Troy Aikman was still a Dallas Cowboy.  Gary Trent, Vernon Maxwell, and Howard Eisley were members of the Mavericks (and remember the controversy about whether Eisley should start over Steve Nash?).  Bill Clinton was president (for a few more weeks, anyway).  I was in my 2nd year in law school.  

That was ages ago.  Invoking ARod as evidence that Tom Hicks will spend money on Boras clients is like invoking the Monroe Doctrine as evidence that the U.S. wants hegemony over the Americas.

Second, he wouldn't look good in the Ranger outfield.  He'd look terrible out there.  He's an awful defensive outfielder, and the Rangers need outfielders that can cover ground, given the expanse of space out there that needs to be covered and the pitch-to-contact philosophy of the major league pitching staff.

Third, the author seems to assume that the Rangers could go out and trade for an ace, but just haven't seemed inclined to do so.  The only ace out there on the market is Jake Peavy, whom the Rangers would love to get (I suspect, anyway), but who has said he won't waive his no-trade clause to come to Texas.

And fourth...Manny wants $20+ million per year for multiple years.  The Rangers are a team in cost-cutting mode, as the organization and T.R. Sullivan keep going to great lengths to inform us. 

But because Hicks signed ARod almost a decade ago, we might end up with Manny?

Give me a freaking break.