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Wednesday a.m. things

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Well, the closest thing to Ranger news this morning appears to be that Cincy has signed former Ranger Jerry Hairston Jr. to a 1 year, $2 million deal, with incentives that can make it worth up to $4 million.

Tim Cowlishaw explains his HOF ballot

Home Run Derby is angry at Corky Simpson for leaving Rickey Henderson off his ballot, despite voting for, among others, Tim Raines (whose case is the same as Henderson's, only not quite as good), Jim Rice, and Matt Williams.

Simpson offers no explanation for ignoring Henderson, and I assume it is just one of those "nobody deserves to be elected unanimously" things.  He does say he's not voting for Mark McGwire because of PEDs, even though, as the HRD blog points out, Matt Williams was named in the Mitchell Report as a PED buyer.