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2009 Rangers trivia

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With the season nearing an end, some questions to see how well you remember this year's team...

1)  Name the 10 Ranger pitchers to start at least one game this year

Millwood, Feldman, Holland, Padilla, Hunter, McCarthy, Harrison, Benson, Mathis, Nippert

2)  Name the 5 Ranger relievers to finish at least 10 games this year

Francisco, Wilson, Guardado, O'Day, Mathis

3)  Name the 6 Ranger relievers with at least 1 save

Francisco, Wilson, Jennings, O'Day, Feliz, Mathis

4)  Name the Ranger hitter with the most walks this season


5)  Name the Ranger player who has been caught stealing the most times this season


6)  Name the two Rangers with at least 75 RBIs this season

Byrd, Kinsler, Cruz -- I made a mistake and missed Cruz when I counted, so there are three instead of two

7)  There are 4 Rangers with double digit steals.  However, there are 3 other Rangers with exactly 8 steals right now.  Name them.

Byrd, Young, Hamilton

8)  How many games was the Rangers longest winning streak this year?


9)  How many games was the Rangers longest losing streak this year?


10)  What Ranger pitcher has given up the most runs this year?


As always, no Googling, going to Baseball Reference, or otherwise looking up answers.

I'll give the answers when the GDT goes up later today...