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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

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Nothing really out there locally on the Rangers today.

Nick Cafardo has an interesting note on the Rangers' ownership situation in the Boston Globe, though:

In other ownership news, the Rangers could be sold in the next few weeks, with three groups in the final stages of negotiations. One is led by current team president Nolan Ryan and is seen as the favorite, while another is led by Gilbert, the special adviser to White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

This is a little odd to me because, one, I didn't think Ryan was really "leading" a group...rather, Chuck Greenberg has indicated that if he prevails, he'll have Ryan involved.  And two, this is the first I've seen of the Rangers being sold quickly, rather than things dragging out into next year.

There's also this from the L.A. Times about Vicente Padilla's departure from the Rangers:

When the Texas Rangers learned two months ago that Vicente Padilla would no longer pitch for them, several players exchanged handshakes with General Manager Jon Daniels in the clubhouse. Second baseman Ian Kinsler even reportedly said, "Congrats."

* * *

The Rangers complained that Padilla was late for meetings or skipped them altogether. He also was known to retreat to the clubhouse during games to check e-mail and surf the Internet.