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Heyman on Rangers Sale Situation

Jon Heyman has some notes on the situation in regards to the Rangers being sold...

He has some praise for Jon Daniels (who splits a third place vote on his A.L. exec ballot), and says that both Chuck Greenberg and Dennis Gilbert would likely leave the front office intact if either of their respective groups prevailed...

He also specifically addresses the speculation about Kevin Towers' connections with Gilbert...I would just as soon see the front office be left alone, but Towers isn't someone who scares me.  Similarly, the rumored Sandy Alderson group wasn't something that worried me...I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone better to be at the top of an MLB team's organizational chart than Alderson.

The rumors about having Tim Purpura and Don Baylor come in to take over as g.m. and manager, respectively, early in the 2007 season were scary.  But I don't see Towers or Alderson being involved with the Rangers in a negative light.