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Wednesday morning Rangers things

Evan Grant has his grades for the outfielders up this morning, and Marlon Byrd gets an "A," while Nelson Cruz and David Murphy are both "B"s.  It highlights the disconnect, I think, between what the team, and those that cover the team, perceive of Cruz's performance this year, and what those of us out in the interwebs think of Cruz (particularly in relation to the other outfielders on the team).

Grant also makes this rather salient point:

He's never had more trade value (due to his 33 homers), but if the Rangers deal him this winter, they are going to be looking for another right-handed hitter.

They probably are going to be looking for a right-handed hitter anyway, who can DH and backup at first base and the outfield corners until Justin Smoak is ready to come up.  But if you move Cruz, it makes the need for a legit middle-of-the-order bat that much more important (unless you think a Borbon/Byrd/Murphy outfield is the sort of offensive threat that makes this team a contender).

Barry Horn writes that the Rangers were still near the bottom in TV ratings this year, but did show the second-highest percentage increase in ratings.

And Jeff Wilson reports that scout Mel Dider, special assistant Jay Robertson, and clubhouse manager Zack Minasian will not be coming back for 2010.

Didier has been in the game for over 60 years, and is a bit of a lightning rod because he was reportedly one of the biggest backers of acquiring Brandon McCarthy.