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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

The big news this morning is, of course, the fallout from yesterday's announcement that Rudy Jaramillo won't be coming back...

Evan Grant says the Rangers made Rudy Jaramillo an offer they knew he was likely to decline, and made it clear that they wanted to see some changes from the hitters:

The offer also arrived with a set of directions for improving an offense that has become too liberal in its free-swinging approach and not focused enough on when manufacturing a run is necessary. About this, there is no doubt. The Rangers need to be a more effective, efficient offense.

It was the contractual definition of being placed on probation. If the offense rebounded and if the management team stayed intact and the ownership situation was settled, there was no reason 16 years couldn't turn into 20 or even 25. But if things didn't go just so, then come this time next year, Rudy Jaramillo, at age 60, would be another statistic in the nation's growing unemployment numbers after spending 27 years of a 32-season career in the Rangers' organization.

Richard Durrett has some quotes from Michael Young and Josh Hamilton, who aren't happy about Jaramillo leaving.

Jeff Wilson writes that Jon Daniels, Nolan Ryan and Jaramillo all agreed changes were needed in the team's approach.

Tim Cowlishaw writes that the Rangers now appear to be farther away from their goal of being a playoff team than they did a year ago.

Randy Galloway is cranky, and takes a shot at...someone, I'm not sure who:

Any stupidity that Ryan "scolded" Rudy after this season for his hitting philosophy is so far off base it doesn’t register, except with a mouthy group of local geeks, who wouldn’t know a baseball clubhouse from a YMCA shower.

I acknowledge being a geek who has never been in a baseball clubhouse, but I'm also not local, nor have I said Ryan "scolded" Jaramillo, so I'm not sure who Galloway is referring to.  If someone has a suggestion, let me know.

Galloway also has some angry Michael Young quotes about how, if Chris Davis was quoted as saying he "never connected" with Rudy, that it must have been taken out of context, and that players on other teams want to work with Rudy. 

Richard Durrett also contemplates whether the players needed a different voice:

Do the Rangers need a different voice in the batting cages? I think some of them do and some of them don't. I'll be interested to see who the Rangers get to take Jaramillo's place and how he handles some hitters on this team that have good pedigrees, but had disappointing seasons.

If it were me, I would have kept Jaramillo. I just don't buy the idea that he's lost it because the club had one disappointing offensive season. But let's see how the next guy does and whether the Rangers' hitters alter their approach (I think they will).

I'm not feeling good, so I'm not going to dwell on the "one disappointing season in fifteen years" meme right now, but I will...

Durrett also analyzes the catching situation from 2009 and going forward into 2010...