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Sunday morning Rangers things

Murray Chass talks about the best execs in baseball this year, and says "Nolan Ryan could be executive of the year for changing the pitching culture in Texas, helping turn the Rangers into a contender."

Meanwhile, Jim Reeves has a really interesting column about the problem with Nolan Ryan not being involved in the presentations this week to the ownership groups.  Ryan suggests that it is because of his relationship with Chuck Greenberg, which could be seen as a conflict of interest when dealing with the other two potential buyers.

But there are several other really interesting items in there, much of which was unexpected by me, in regards to the work Jon Daniels has done, Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels' relationship, the way that relationship is perceived out in the baseball world, and the firing of Mel Didier.

Reeves suggests that Didier's cozy relationship with some writers had something to do with his firing...which immediately makes me think of what Reeves' colleague at the S-T wrote earlier this year, in regards to MLB supposedly refusing to allow the Rangers to sign Matt Purke, and basically running the Rangers, a story that led to a big firestorm and a huge amount of controversy about whether or not some of any of that was true.  And Reeves column today leads me to wonder if Didier wasn't Galloway's source for that story.

In any case, Reeves' column is a really good read, and rather than pull a bunch of quotes, I'm going to suggest you just go read the whole thing.