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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

The Rangers are after Yusei Kikuchi, the 18 year old Japanese lefty who is considering skipping playing baseball in Japan to go direct to the United States and MLB.  As part of their courtship of Kikuchi, the Rangers have sent Jim Colburn, the Rangers' director of Pacific Rim scouting, and Derek Holland to meet with Kikuchi.  The Rangers wanted to give Kikuchi the chance to talk to Holland about pitching in the minors in the U.S.

Richard Durrett says the Rangers haven't started interviewing hitting coaches yet, quoting Jon Daniels as saying that they are still in the process of putting together their final list of candidates.

Durrett also looks at the Rangers' #3 starter this year...he concludes that the #3 guy was Holland, since Holland had the third most starts, and looks at Holland's highs and lows in 2009.