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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Two games to go.  Texas has sole possession of second place locked up, and regardless of what happens the next two days, this season has to be viewed as a success.

Anthony Andro says it was the young Ranger hitters -- Julio Borbon, Taylor Teagarden, Elvis Andrus, and Chris Davis -- that led the way last night.

Brandon McCarthy got yanked in the fifth, and I was surprised he got pulled so soon, given that he appeared to be pitching okay and his pitch count wasn't that high.  McCarthy apparently was surprised as well:

"I felt like I threw really well today," he said. "There were a few pitches here and there I’d like to have back, but for the most part there aren’t many pitches I wouldn’t throw going back at them again. I’m out there giving it my all and I’d love to have the confidence put in me."

Julio Borbon is going to play in center the next three games; meanwhile, Ron Washington says he doesn't expect Nelson Cruz to be able to play again this season because of his ankle.  Washington indicated he didn't even bother to check with Cruz to see if he could go yesterday.

Among the coaches, only Mike Maddux has a contract for 2010, but Ron Washington says he wants everyone back next year.