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Sunday morning Rangers things

Last game of the season today. Which I felt the need to mention, since some of you might not be aware of that.

Anthony Andro says Tommy Hunter was tipping his pitches last night, and the Rangers didn't catch any breaks, in losing 2-1 to Seattle.

Pudge Rodriguez, Omar Vizquel, and Andruw Jones all want to come back next season.  Pudge and Vizquel, I think could well be back.  Andruw, probably not.

Ray Buck has a story on Neftali Feliz, who he says is the Rangers most promising pitching phenom since David Clyde.  While it may be nitpicking, I'd take issue with that, as I'm not sure either Clyde or Feliz was more promising than Eddie Correa, who, as I mentioned in the game day thread last night when Tom Grieve compared Feliz to Correa, was younger when he threw his final pitch as a major leaguer than Feliz was when he threw his first pitch as a major leaguer.

Jeff Wilson lists the needs the Rangers have to address for next year, although he indicates most of them will have to be fulfilled from within.  Wilson also mentions that the Rangers may look at C.J. Wilson in the rotation next year.

And Jan Hubbard has a piece about how a solid season from the Rangers this year resulted in a lot less talk about how TBIA is keeping the team from succeeding.