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Fish Stripes on Fredi Gonzalez

I almost posted about the rampant jackassery of Florida Marlins president David Samson this weekend. Samson, who is a baseball executive because his stepfather is Jeffrey Loria, is apparently unhappy with manager Fredi Gonzalez.  A team that won 87 games with the lowest payroll in baseball, and that exceeded its Pythagorean won/loss record by 5 games, apparently reflects poorly on the manager, and Samson made ominous statements about his and Loria's displeasure with the team's performance.

I don't know anything about Gonzalez, but Loria is an ass, Samson is an ass, and I have a hard time seeing how the Marlins failing to make the playoffs means Gonzalez is a bad manager.

And I'm not alone, it seems...over at Fish Stripes, they are railing about Marlin management and their shabby treatment of Gonzalez, which is going on at the same time of reports that Loria is wooing Bobby Valentine.

So anyway, I won't rail about it independently...instead, go check out Fish Stripes ranting...

UPDATE -- Apparently, Gonzalez will be back in 2010.