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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

Jeff Wilson has a story up in the S-T today about the Rangers' changing perception around baseball, with other teams seeing them as a team on the rise rather than a team trying to sell off its best players to rebuild.

Wilson also writes that the Rangers have no interest in a Kevin Millwood for Milton Bradley deal.  I have no idea why anyone would think the Rangers would do that, or why it seemed there were Rangers fans who were in favor of such a deal, unless people were just so tired of seeing Millwood out there that they didn't care what the return was, as long as the Rangers dumped him.  But Bradley is owed around twice what Millwood is owed, while dealing Millwood would open up a hole in the rotation that you'd have to fill somehow.

Richard Durrett runs through the plusses and minuses of bringing Bradley back.

T.R. Sullivan has a mailbag up, discussing Marlon Byrd and Mike Cameron as potential centerfield options (and saying it will likely take a 3 year, $18-24 million deal to bring Byrd back), Nelson Cruz in 2010, potential interest in Vlad Guerrero, and the impact of a hitting coach, among other things.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post says that the Rangers are working on a budget approved by MLB, and they have to get MLB's permission to exceed that budgeted amount.  Yay, Tom Hicks!