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Mike Scioscia wins A.L. Manager of the Year Award

Mike Scioscia has been named the A.L. Manager of the Year, finishing with 15 of 28 first place votes.

Ron Gardenhire and Joe Girardi were second and third, respectively, and Don Wakamatsu and Ron Washington tied for fourth place, with Jim Leyland being the only other manager named (getting two third place votes).

Washington and Wakamatsu finishing that far back is a surprise, as the two of them headed up teams that were viewed as the big "surprise" teams for 2009, and the manager of the year award generally seems to be given to the manager of the team that exceeds expectations the most.  Girardi, Scioscia and Gardenhire all made the playoffs with teams that were seen as playoff-caliber teams prior ot the season.

Of course, maybe we should be happy that Washington didn't win.  The last time the Ranger manager won the manager of the year award, the team had a disappointing follow up season that resulted in the g.m. being fired, and then another bad season that resulted in the manager being fired, and then a disastrous season after that. 

So maybe it is better the Ranger manager didn't win it this year.

Jim Tracy won the N.L. Award.