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Tom Hicks with last ditch effort to keep the Rangers

Richard Durrett writes that Tom Hicks is putting together a group in a last-ditch effort to keep from selling the Texas Rangers:

 Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks said Wednesday that he's putting together his own group of mainly local investors, including team president Nolan Ryan and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, in an effort to maintain majority ownership in the club.

Hicks expects at least five groups, including his own, to submit proposals by Friday's deadline. At that point, Hicks and his staff will analyze the proposals and decide which one makes the most sense to pay down or eliminate debt accrued by Hicks Sports Group.

So we have Chuck Greenberg, who is supposedly putting together a local group with Nolan Ryan, and now we have Tom Hicks, who is putting together his own group that includes Ryan (and Roger Staubach).

I get the sense that, after what has gone on here lately, MLB wants to be rid of Hicks, and thus I'd be shocked if Hicks was able to do something that will result in him retaining control.  I also find it bizarre that he's part of a group that is going to submit bids to, in essence, himself.

Durrett's story has a lot of quotes from Staubach, as well. 

This is weird.  But then, everything involving the Rangers always seems to be weird.