Who is Josey Wales?

Congratulations dear reader.. you've stepped into the third dimension of hell in about as many weeks.

But I figure... this fanpost just might give us an alternative to the ban stick (which we all know is never gonna happen anyway).  He may not do it as often as he blows chunks, but Josey does make the occasional valid point and has essentially blossomed into blog celebrity for being nothing more than everybody's favorite punching bag

My only problem is that he marches some of you dildos into never-ending subthreads of poop.  And if he's gonna do that, then we might as well know who's calling the shots

So, take a guess.  Who is.. Josey Wales?

As you probably already know, Jamey Newberg and I are spearheading this campaign to unmask Josey.  Here's a small list of information that we've gathered about our informant:





  • does NOT back Jon Daniels
  • DOES back Galloway
  • highest concentration of posts seems to be after breakfast and before lunch
  • is well-versed in DFW sports history
  • uses schtick vocabulary
  • listens to The Ticket
  • uses popular Ticket phrases
  • never admits defeat
  • sheepishly checks out of threads when he's cornered 
  • possibly has a vagina

There's so much more we can add on, but study that list closely and you'll find all the redeeming characteristics of a shock-jock on the radio.  Sure, Josey could just be a bonafide troll, or just a mindless nut whose brain has been fried from the DFW media blitz.  But it's obvious the guy has an agenda

When you compare him with the rest of the community, few, if any, will make as many ridiculous claims as he has... which is why I'm calling his bluff