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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Michael Young talked yesterday about the possibility of new ownership, and of course, as the E.F. Hutton of the Rangers, it got a fair amount of attention...

Anthony Andro writes that Michael Young wants to see an owner in the mold of Arte Moreno, who will spend to make the team better.

Calvin Watkins has a blog post up at ESPN Dallas on the topic as well.

Evan Grant says he talked to a Rangers official who says the potential three-way deal involving Kevin Millwood leaving and Milton Bradley coming to Texas is "not happening," and says the only way the Rangers would consider Milton Bradley coming back is if it allowed the Rangers to shed a big contract so they could afford to add more pitching.

However...Kevin Millwood is the only significant contract the Rangers have on their books right now, other than Michael Young (who I assume isn't going anywhere).  So I'm not sure how adding Bradley could accomplish anything, particularly given that you're not going to give up a significant contract without having to pick up a good chunk of Bradley's deal.

Richard Durrett has a short Q&A with Marlon Byrd, who he talks to about his pending free agency.