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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

Pretty quiet out there in terms of Rangers news, although the hot stove season is heating up...

Chris Bahr of the Sporting News suggests that Hank Blalock could be this year's Bobby Abreu, and argues that Blalock isn't a product of TBIA because he had a better average and OBP on the road last year than at home.

Someone might want to point out to Bahr that this is a one year aberration...for his career, Blalock's home performance was about 50 points better in average, 60 points better in OBP, and 100 points better in slugging.

Phil Rogers makes some predictions as to where various free agents will end up, and has Jim Thome going to the Rangers.  Thome isn't my first choice, but I could live with that...

FWST "sports humor columnist" David Thomas offers this:

Budget-limited Rangers general manager Jon Daniels was in the MLB Free Agents store the other day and a salesperson asked if he could be of assistance. "Yeah," Daniels answered, "I’m looking for the bargain bin."

Is this guy new, or has this column been around a while, and I've just missed it?