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Joe Mauer named A.L. MVP

Joe Mauer has been named the A.L. MVP for 2009.  Back in August, there seemed to be some sentiment that Mark Teixeira was the favorite and that Mauer would be on the outside looking in, but by the time the season ended that seemed to have shifted, and the question was whether Mauer would be a unanimous pick or not.

Mauer was not a unanimous pick -- he got 27 of 28 first place votes, and while Teixeira and Derek Jeter finished second and third, neither of them got the stray first place vote that didn't go to Mauer.  Rather, it was Miguel Cabrera who someone put first on their ballot.

Cabrera finished fourth, and there was some talk that he wouldn't appear on some ballots because of the drama surrounding his late-season drunken episode that caused some distractions in the midst of the pennant race.

UPDATE -- Michael Young and Ian Kinsler are in the "others receiving votes" category.