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Other teams interested in Nelson Cruz

According to Ken Rosenthal, "a number of teams" have called the Rangers inquiring about Nelson Cruz, but the Rangers aren't motivated to move him.

Last offseason, I identified Cruz as a guy I would try to use as part of a package to land a top-flight starting pitcher in the 09-10 offseason, figuring that a year of productiveness would get him to the point where it made sense to convert him into something else.

But that was before Josh Hamilton and Chris Davis nose-dived, leaving Cruz as one of the few quality bats in place right now.  Last year, I thought a David Murphy/Brandon Boggs platoon in left field, Julio Borbon in center field, and Josh Hamilton in right field would be good, with Justin Smoak and Chris Davis holding down the first base and DH spots.  Now, every one of those guys is a question mark, meaning that if you move Cruz, you had better do it intending to bring in at least one more quality bat.

But I do think it is revealing that Cruz is drawing interest from around the league...