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Thanksgiving Day stuff

On this Thanksgiving, all Rangers fans can be thankful for a variety of things, I think.

Elvis Andrus has been named to the Topps All-Rookie team.  I'm thankful that Elvis Andrus is a Ranger.

Murray Chass calls Tom Hicks the second worst owner in baseball behind Vince Naimoli (who, of course, is no longer an owner), and says that Dennis Gilbert appears to be the favorite because he's tight with Jerry Reinsdorf, and everyone knows that Reinsdorf and Bud Selig are tight, with Reinsdorf being one of the prime movers behind making Selig commissioner.  And of course, he was behind the vetoing of Eddie Gaylord buying the team.

Chass says it is basically down to Gilbert and Chuck Greenberg, because Hicks won't be approved and Jim Crane alienated Drayton McLane in a previous dealing to the point that McLane will sink Crane's bid.

Evan Grant comments on the Chass story, as well, and says he's also hearing that Hicks has basically no chance of coming out of this with the team.

Richard Durrett thinks the ChiSox made a good move in signing Andruw Jones.  I'm a little surprised Jones got a major league deal...after his past few seasons, I figured he was an NRI guy.