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Friday morning Rangers things

Not really anything in the way of news out there.  I guess that, if your team can't spend any money or make any moves because the ownership situation hasn't been resolved, there's not a lot of news that is going to be generated.

BBTiA has a very salient question about this:

Texas Rangers team president Nolan Ryan reassuring a rightly skeptical audience during the ballclub's season-ending press conference on Tuesday, October 6th: "I feel our budget will be close to, if not the same as, what it was last year [$68 million]."

* * *

Since Ryan's payroll-related declaration nearly two months ago, assorted media sources have cast bits and pieces of revelatory light on the actual seriousness of the Rangers' financial situation, and now, most recently, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News has characterized Texas as a franchise with "no money to do anything."

* * *

If these chilling reports are indeed accurate and the Rangers seriously cannot afford to even marginally upgrade their payroll, then there's a very simple question to be asked: what on earth transpired in the last two months that warranted snatching $10-plus million out of management's hands and effectively crippling the ballclub's limited, but still-existing market maneuverability?

But according to Tom Hicks, it is "business as usual" at TBIA.