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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

So...the story broke yesterday afternoon that the Rangers have decided on Clint Hurdle as their new hitting coach, and then Jon Daniels denied a decision has been made.

But that denial notwithstanding, it sounds like Hurdle is the guy...Jeff Wilson writes that three sources have said that Hurdle is the Rangers' choice as hitting coach.  T.R. Sullivan says that club officials say an announcement should be coming in the next day or two.

These stories got me thinking...we had some discussions this past season about sportswriters using unnamed sources, and whether that sort of thing should be done or if all the sources should be named.  Clearly, in this instance, all the reports regarding Hurdle being the next hitting coach are relying on unnamed sources...does anyone really think that this is improper on Wilson's or Sullivan's part?

Richard Durrett says that hiring Hurdle makes sense.  Kevin Sherrington says, don't expect Hurdle to have the sort of immediate impact Mike Maddux had (and not to pick on Sherrington, but he erroneously says Marlon Byrd had a career year in 2009, when it was actually his weakest offensive season as a Ranger).

And Anthony Andro has a story about Tommy Hunter getting involved in charity work in the D/FW area this offseason.