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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

What do we have today...

Evan Grant takes a closer look at the Rockies' performance with Clint Hurdle as their hitting coach over at the DMN blog, with some interesting data on, among other things, how Ks and walks changed once Hurdle took over the job.

In not-really-Rangers-news, but interesting anyway, Tony Massarotti says the BoSox were in on J.J. Hardy before he was dealt to the Brewers, with the Brewers asking for Clay Buchholz or Daniel Bard for Hardy, and Boston only being willing to part with Michael Bowden.

This is interesting to me because there's been some discussion about whether the Rangers (and Ranger fans) were undervaluing Bowden when talking about deals with Boston this past offseason.  The fact that the Red Sox apparently have him slotted behind Bard, and that the Brewers decided they preferred Carlos Gomez to Bowden, suggests that the bud may be off that particular rose.