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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

So, yeah, busy day yesterday.

Jeff Wilson says the Rangers still aren't done, as they want another starting pitcher or two, a catcher, an infielder, and a power bat.  I'm not sure why they would want two more starting pitchers, unless you are counting Rich Harden as one of the two...

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers have reached a tentative deal with the Red Sox on a Mike Lowell for Max Ramirez trade, but reports this morning indicate that nothing is final yet.

For those of you who get all cranky when we talk about the Rangers' financial limitations, you can skip the part after the jump.

Jeff Wilson says that the Kevin Millwood deal was a straight salary dump, a move the Rangers were forced to make in order to be able to afford Rich Harden.  Millwood expressed disappointment because he thinks this team is on the cusp of being a playoff team, and he won't be here to experience it.

Over at ESPN Dallas, Ben Rogers echoes a lot of the thoughts we've expressed about how sad it is that the Rangers are handcuffed this offseason financially.

Looked at another way, the Rangers' lack of financial flexibility is costing them Max Ramirez.  The inability of the Rangers to spend money on a bat resulted in them having to move Ramirez so that the BoSox would pick up all of Lowell's salary.  The Rangers are, for all intents and purposes, selling Max Ramirez for $3-4 million to Boston so they can afford Mike Lowell.