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Friday morning Rangers things

The end of a busy week for the Rangers...

Anthony Andro has a story on the risk/reward issues with Rich Harden, and with some quotes from Jon Daniels about the fact that Harden, at age 28, is now the veteran of the rotation.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers continue to work on a deal for Mike Lowell.  If the reports are true, and Boston is going to pick up $9 million of Lowell's $12 million salary, I'm wondering about the wisdom of this potential move.  It seems like you could get Fernando Tatis for $3 million or less, and not have to give up Max Ramirez in the process, and get someone who would seem likely to be as productive as Lowell.

Gil Lebreton likes the moves, including the potential Lowell move, praising Lowell's experience and leadership, which the Rangers apparently have put a pretty high value on.

Kevin Sherrington also thinks the front office has been doing a good job this offseason.

And BBTiA talks about the importance of upgrading from a pitch-to-contact guy to a strikeout pitcher as your #1 starter.