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Reds Non-Tender Jonny Gomes

MLB Daily Dish reports that the Cincinnati Reds have non-tendered Jonny Gomes.

I talked about Gomes here, and if I were guessing on who will have a more productive year offensively in 2010, Gomes or Mike Lowell, I'd go with Gomes.

Lowell would presumably be better defensively at first base than Gomes, and Gomes can't play third base, but Lowell appears to be slated to primarily DH anyway if he comes to Texas.  Lowell appears to have been targeted in large part because of his leadership, experience on a world champion, intangibles, and the like...but in terms of performance, there doesn't seem to be much difference between Gomes and Lowell, and Gomes is almost certainly going to end up making less than the $3 million the Rangers appear prepared to pay Lowell next year.