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A flurry of maybe-deals

Once again, I spend the day in court, and here was activity, or at least news out there...

There is the three-way deal between Seattle, Toronto and Philly that is supposedly "close," where Cliff Lee will be going to Seattle and Roy Halladay will be going to Philadelphia.

Assuming this happens, that says a lot about what Seattle thinks about the A.L. West in 2010.  The M's see an Angels team that is losing players and appears vulnerable (although we've said that for a few years now), and a Ranger team that is basically treading water with its ownership situation in flux.  Seattle sees this as a winnable division in 2010, and is making moves that indicate that it considers itself the real challenger to Anaheim in 2010, not Texas. 

Jayson Stark is reporting that the Red Sox have reached a tentative agreement with John Lackey for a deal worth a little more than $82.5 million over 5 years.  And the BoSox supposedly are also working towards a two year deal with Mike Cameron.

Everyone here knows how I feel about Cameron.  I'm not a big Lackey guy -- he was great a few years ago, but is showing signs of wear the last couple of seasons -- and this appears to be overpaying.