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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

So, yeah, the ownership thing...not resolved, but at least it has moved to the next stage, and we can be helpful that there will be some resolution.

Maury Brown offers an analysis of the sale to the Greenberg group, with his thoughts on how and why Greenberg ended up the victor.

Richard Durrett thinks this result is a good one for the Rangers.

The S-T has several items up about the sale this morning.  Jeff Wilson has a story on Tom Hicks picking the Chuck Greenberg/Nolan Ryan group as the winning bidder, that includes some quotes from Hicks on the issue.  Wilson also takes a look at Greenberg's history of doing deals.  There's also a timeline of the process still to come to get the sale finalized, and a timeline of Hicks' time as owner of the Rangers.

Gil Lebreton and Kevin Sherrington each have columns up on the sale this morning, with each having a common theme -- Hicks did what was best for the Rangers in picking the Greenberg group.

Jeff Wilson also has an update on the Mike Lowell situation and the Rangers' various fallback options, if the Lowell deal falls through.